Knjiga (prevod v angleščino) – priročnik 8 men, and why not?

A manual that explains, clarifies – and makes a change. In simple terms, it must be read.


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The book is a unique instructional manual that addresses the topic of being a single modern woman. It arose as a result of rational, emotional, and energetic treatment that enabled women to meet a man for their body, heart, and soul after years of being single or caught in bad relationships.

Many women seem successful, content and happy, but in reality feel lonely, humiliated, rejected and overlooked. The book explains what problems occur and how they can be solved when the mind, heart and soul are not balanced. According to Maslow, loneliness ranks third on the scale of needs. There is therefore a requirement to meet this need as soon as possible. A prolonged feeling of loneliness can be extremely destructive for our body, mental and emotional realm.

If the mind does not find a solution quickly uncontrolled thoughts and beliefs may surface… about how we must lower the criteria, how it is necessary to get a partner at any cost, in any shape. The heart yearns endlessly for love and may construct an ideal future partner even out of a rather unsuitable man – who just happened to be nearby and available. Such a couple can end up in a relationship where they quarrel, are both unhappy and try to change one another. If he withdraws and disappears, a new thought may arise in the woman’s mind that she is not good enough for anybody, her self-esteem worsens and an even greater longing in the heart is born.

In this book these mechanisms are explained and solutions to break out of the bad situation are described and explained. The Mind is trained to control destructive scenarios in the head, recognize damaging beliefs, get rid of unwarranted feelings of guilt, thereby avoiding getting entangled in bad relationships. When a woman improves her self-image and finds out what she really wants, she can begin moving in the right direction towards a partner who understands her, harmonizes her feelings and provides reassurance fot her heart and soul.

When a woman is free from loneliness, fear and feelings of inferiority, can she love freely. She enters a partnership because she really wants to and not because she forces herself into it out of horrible feelings of loneliness. She is calm knowing that her partner is important to her and she is important to him; she is able to love and accept love, and she is able to feel respect for and be respected by her partner.


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